“I’ll make your taste buds dance” - Chef Lovejoy Cole III


Chef Lovejoy Cole aka “The Dancing Chef  is trying to bring the LOVE of food back to the kitchen. With so many people being worried about if they’re eating the right food or the safest food or the food with less of this and that or even enough healthy components it seems nobody is really loving food anymore. Let me help you love food again today.




*Gluten Free

Whatever your needs are for a great meal we can do it.



My Style of cooking is an ‘eclectic american fusion’, a style that emphasizes fresh seafood, beef, poultry, and produce based on flavors from around the world. Drawing from my culinary experience and motivated by a personal commitment to excellence, I constantly strive to create an unparalleled, unforgettable dining experience for my clients.” -Chef Lovejoy

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   Graham Cracker APPLE PIES©

            9 INCH PIE - $25


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Much Thanks to Chef Works for keeping me in the finest gear. @chef_works

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